Cooking for One

With the single population of the U.S rising recently to just over 50% and similar trends occurring in other western countries it is clear that more and more people are choosing long term single life.

The idea of being single is rapidly losing its long standing social stigma and is beginning to be seen not so much as a failure but as a causative life choice.

Unfortunately for many people choosing to stay “unattached” the issue of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regards to eating can present quite a challenge.

Cooking for one can seem a chore and it can be hard to get motivated when you live alone.

In the “Single” series I have tried to create some quick and easy recipes which tick all the boxes as far as being healthy goes as well keeping them very simple.

They can all be prepared within ten minutes (with a little practice) and ready to eat within twenty.

Most importantly, the recipes and the quantities have been developed for a “one serve” model rather than by trying to adapt existing recipes designed for 4, 6 or even more servings.

Now you can enjoy making and eating meals just for you.